Collected, Bohemian Style


[1. our home, 2. our weekends, 3. our perspective // photos by Pip & Estella]

Pip & Estella celebrates pieces of old by curating them into the living spaces of today. The inspiration for the vintage boutique comes from
a literary classic: the old and worn, yet intriguing aesthetic of the Satis House mansion, as described in the Dickens novel, Great Expectations. 

In my mind, aging Satis was a sunlight-filtered world made more lovely by the accumulation of time. Modern with vintage influences, Pip &
Estella reflects the collected, bohemian appeal of canyon living in the hills LA.

Because of you Pip & Estella has grown from a one page web store to a online retail boutique, wholesale distributor and film prop shop. Today 
we travel drawing inspiration from home, our old neighborhood in Brooklyn and cities abroad. We scour markets, shops and estates to bring you 
unique resale vintage and antique wares. We thank you tremendously for your ongoing support, and one suggestion if we may: decorate boldly.

founder & creative director